Where tradition meets innovation.

Product Development

Saint Agnes Baking Co.’s reputation was built upon its distinctive approach to traditional rustic breads, from black Russian and caraway ryes to brioche and milk breads (and, of course, Saint Agnes’ signature St. Paul sourdough, born from a decades-old starter). And who doesn’t like a good burger? Saint Agnes’ distinctive buns have brought the many of the state’s taverns and bars “Best Burger” kudos from top magazine and newspaper food critics and readers’ polls alike.

Building upon that substantial foundation, Saint Agnes remains at the forefront of the baking industry with innovative techniques (often built upon those traditional methods) and recipe development. Saint Agnes has developed many proprietary bread and pastry items to meet the demands of top restaurant chefs. Who, you ask? That’s another Saint Agnes advantage. We keep it confidential.

Finally, Saint Agnes proves quality is not sacrificed for quantity. Saint Agnes proudly supplies the Xcel Energy Center, home of the Minnesota Wild, its buns for burgers and sandwiches.

Saint Agnes products–all of them–are hand-made, contain no preservatives, and are delivered fresh, never frozen!