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It’s (already) the Thanksgiving Day Bag sale!

If it was hard to believe it’s “that time of year” again, today’s snowstorm helped it sink in: Thanksgiving Day is right there in front of us, on the same page of the calendar. Really. There it is. Go check for yourself. See? But before you let loose that anxious groan, why not let th

The bread, the fridge, the truth

Now that summer has descended fully upon us, we look at that half-eaten loaf of bread sitting on the counter and know it’s a ticking mold time-bomb. It’s mid-July, after all. So you do what we’ve all done: toss it in the fridge to prevent that mold from springing forth. Yes, even you,

Chef’s Table: Ron Bohnert puts Danny’s on culinary map

Since 2000, when Stone Ridge Golf Club in Stillwater, Minn., opened, chef Ron Bohnert has built a hidden culinary gem. “I thought it would be a couple-year gig to get them going, but I’ve wound up staying 14,” Bohnert joked. “It’s a pretty good gig; I run it like it was my own.” The c

Chef’s Table: Bohemian Niche

Saint Agnes Baking Co. is proud to be part New Bohemia’s success. The Minneapolis restaurant, a modern beer hall specializing in artisanal sausages (served in a signature Saint Agnes bun), keeps its menu current with modern twists on traditional sides thanks to industry veteran and ch

True Semolina Bread

Semolina loaves are peasant breads that originated in Italy. If my recollection is correct, I think they were either created—or at least revered—on the island of Sardinia. For centuries these loaves were a staple in southern Europe, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that they found commer

Pure pleasure, pan-sized

Sometimes when you’re creating rustic bread, there’s a tendency to inadvertently overlook practical applications for that product. One of my favorite Saint Agnes breads that’s a staple in my home is our WWII batard, a loaf marbled together with our caraway and Russian rye breads. It’s

Minnesota chefs compete in St. Louis

If you’ve been following along, you know about the Minneapolis ACF Fundraising Dinner three weeks ago last Sunday was to raise money to send a small gang of chapter chefs to the ACF Regional Conference in St. Louis to take part in a cooking competition. Saint Agnes donated bread for t

Chef’s Table: Fabulous Fern’s Mark Tufenk

Fabulous Fern’s in St. Paul has been one of Saint Agnes Baking Co.’s most loyal customers. So when they asked us to develop for them a unique table bread (which turned out to be a sourdough basil baguette), we jumped at the chance. And it also got us thinking: bread service at restaur

Top ACF Chefs serve up on Sunday

If you follow Eater, you probably saw a piece yesterday proclaiming the “13 Duck Dishes to Try Right Now,” and every one of them is great (with special nods to our St. Paul kin and nearly-neighbors Ngon Bistro and The Strip Club Meat & Fish). But this Sunday, there’s another immen

From Russia with Love

Even though the Super Bowl was a wash out this year, our Super Bowl Retail sure wasn’t. We sold out most of our product at a record clip so we really need to thank you guys for making that event such a success. For those of you who will be following the Olympics, did you know I was wo