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Scholarships, TV Crews and Saturday Retail

It’s a busy week for the mighty Saint Agnes baking Co. We’re deep into prepping for our spectacular Saturday Retail, themed to satisfy all your Super Bowl desires. But Tuesday evening marks a first for the bakery: Saint Agnes will present its first-ever scholarship to a worthy hospita

The Best Bakery in the Twin Cities is…

Over the years I’ve heard countless consumers bragging up the restaurants and bakeries they felt were the best in the Twin Cities. On the rare occasion these people have asked my opinion, I’ve usually responded with something like this: “I don’t think there is a specific concept that

America’s Favorite Bun for 2014

Each year, around Thanksgiving, some of the Twin Cities’ curious chefs start calling me to find out what baked goods will be trending. As many of you know, last year I predicted that brioche numbers would continue creeping upward, but I have to tell you the truth, even I didn’t see th

Sysco buys US Foods

The only response to that headline is: “Um… holy sh*t.” I suppose I should qualify that. Outwardly, for most consumers, not much will be noticed. But from an industry standpoint, this is monumental news, akin to US Airways “merging” with American Airlines. (Oh, and that’s what Sysco a

Retail Saturday Reminder!

OK. So we’ve all heard it’s going to be cold tomorrow morning. As in 1 degree Fahrenheit. So. What. The reality that is winter couldn’t have struck on a better day, in our humble opinion. With the cold comes that brilliant sunshine reflecting of the snow covered ground that reminds a

Retail Saturday: Holidays embraced

Yes, it’s December. It’s likely snowing out (in fact, it is as I type this.) It’s Minnesota. The white stuff falls around this time of year, doncha know. And we Minnesotans don’t let a little bit of snow and cold weather stop us from doing anything—especially R

Croutons and Thanksgiving creations

Thanksgiving. A time of… eating. Sure, there’s the family gathering stuff, but, come on. It’s a holiday built around food. And your humble friends at Saint Agnes Baking Co. try to make it easier for you with our annual Thanksgiving Bag Sale. Click Here for all the details on that (and

Saint Agnes Baking Co.’s Tenth Annual Thanksgiving Bag Sale

Ten years makes it a tradition, right? We think so. And, with October just around the corner, it’s time to begin pondering that Thanksgiving holiday. For those of you stuck with the chore of cooking the Thanksgiving day turkey—or for those who don’t want to be “that person” who

Saint Agnes and the ACF-Minneapolis

Saint Agnes Baking Co. is proud to partner with the Minneapolis Chefs Chapter of the American Culinary Federation. The ACF is the nation’s premier organization for continuing education for professional chefs (its certification programs are recognized internationally), and its em

Saint Agnes Baking Co. hires media veteran (9-17-13)

Saint Agnes Baking Company, the award-winning St. Paul-based wholesale and retail bakery, hired Mike Mitchelson as Marketing/Operations Director. Prior to joining Saint Agnes, Mitchelson was the managing editor for Foodservice News, an industry-focussed publication based in Minneapoli